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Cibaria International, celebrated across the food service industry for our top-quality oils, vinegars, and shelf-stable items, rooted in a rich history of delivering fabulous flavors from around the world.

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Our dedicated team provides the finest food solutions to our valued customers through:

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Sterling Reputation with
    Suppliers and Customers
  • Competitive Prices
  • Third-party audits
  • OU Kosher and organic certification;
    non-GMO verification
  • Returnable tote program

Bulk Ingredients

When manufacturers require top-quality oils for their recipes, we do everything in our power to get them what they need. We provide some of the finest oils and vinegars available—conventional oils, specialty oils, non-GMO project verified, Orthodox Union Kosher, and organic products—in bulk.

Private Label

Whatever your choice, we offer guidance on optimal practices for our machinery, sourcing, bottle options, and design. You can tour our facility, meet our production team, and benefit from third-party audits and proof of organic or kosher certification.


Are you stepping away from a boring desk job for a fun, new career as a gourmet retail shop owner?
We’re here for you!

We supply bulk and white label products for your growing enterprise—a tasting shop, booths at farmer’s markets and festivals, brokering to gourmet grocery stores and other retail outlets. 

Food Service

Food service outlets rely on top-quality products at competitive prices to maintain their reputations. Whether large or small, we support them with fast service, excellent customer support, and comprehensive product documentation including certification proof. We offer product samples for their representatives.

Personal Care Products

Soap and cosmetics producers add their own special touch to soaps that bubble and clean and don’t melt away in the soap dish.

We carry a wide variety of high-quality base/fixed carrier oils and butters to help you create the best possible products, including certified organic oils and non-GMO certified oils. These are just the thing for artisanal soaps, personal care products, and pet care items.

Kosher Tote Washing Program

Cibaria provides a high quality, high standard, food grade tote washing program as a service to our customers at reasonable prices.


Every employee plays a part in guaranteeing quality assurance. The following statements confirm we are compliant will all good manufacturing and food-safety requirements: