Cibaria started out with a single brand of olive oil. Today we’ve grown our product line to well over a hundred items. We are a wholesale distributor for a wide variety of oils from all over the world, plus vinegars, and shelf-stable olives, spreads, and dipping oils. We offer a wide selection of glass bottles. Also available: the sleek Italian Sansone stainless steel fusti that dispenses liquids and protects them during long-term storage. Our products include:

  • Olive Oils
  • Specialty Oils
  • Balsamic Vinegars
  • Non-GMO Oils
  • Custom-Blended Oils
  • Organic Oils
  • Infused Oils
  • Aerosol Oils
  • Commodity Oils

Our Commitment to Quality Assurance

Every employee plays a part in guaranteeing quality assurance. The following statements confirm we are compliant will all good manufacturing and food-safety requirements:

We hold memberships in these organizations:

  • Kathy GrisetCEO
  • Maria WallaceSales Manager
  • Lee Anne CrawfordCustomer Service Manager
Kathy Griset

Kathy Griset

CEO since 1998

Kathy Griset’s journey to success seems straightforward. She started out working in a supermarket in college. Upon graduation, they offered her a management position. After a few years she felt stuck beneath the glass ceiling, but she managed to break out on her own. First, she started a company with former coworkers. That led to a job with the owner of an olive oil company. In 1998 she successfully negotiated with him for its purchase. Now she could take the business where she wanted.

Today, Griset guides Cibaria in its exponential growth as a wholesale supplier. The product line has grown from just one item—olive oil—to hundreds of oils and balsamic vinegars for retail, foodservice, food manufacturing, and soap making.

Griset started out as a single parent of three with no business education beyond her own instincts and experience.  Now she sets the company vision, oversees financials, calls on customers—and steers product across the factory floor if necessary. She’s proudly launched many careers in the industry; she’s watched employees work their way up from new hires to positions of leadership. She brought in a management team to expand her reach, while a group of consultants back up her decisions in support of the Cibaria team.

Her goal was to grow Cibaria from its original size. Thanks to the respect she’s gained in the industry plus excellent word-of-mouth marketing, it is now a growing, international company with bright future ahead. Her employees describe her best: “Kathy is the driving force for this company. She is a leader who allows people to drive themselves.”  And they say, “She genuinely cares for her employees.”

Maria Wallace

Sales Manager Since 2022

Looking for a partner in the food industry? You’ll find it in Maria Wallace. She understands all the elements of fine foods and their distribution. She is adept at getting the right products into the hands of the right people.

People. Grocers, restauranters, and chefs all know that top-quality ingredients are the foundation of their success. Wallace understands their unique needs, and she goes out of her way to meet them.

Product. She is always tuned in to innovations in the industry—both domestic and international. Her passion is sharing her extensive knowledge about gourmet foods at sales events and one-to-one with customers.

Process. Wallace is highly skilled at brand building, launching marketing campaigns, and driving sales growth across all channels..

With her passion for food, her understanding of flavors and pairings, and her sales acumen, she is a tremendous resource for all Cibaria’s clients.

Lee Anne Crawford

Lee Anne Crawford

Customer Service Manager since 2007

Customer service is not just about filling orders or inputting data in the system. It’s about building bonds of trust over the years. LeeAnn Crawford thrives on the relationship she’s built with Cibaria clients. She makes sure they get the top-quality service they deserve. They know they can trust her to keep them informed about any issues that might affect getting their products out in a timely manner

Crawford heads up the customer service team. She’s there to receive and process orders and to follow up with any questions. She’s a hands-on manager who constantly strives to  streamline her methods; her morning meetings keep her team informed about supply issues and best practices.

Her work has gained the full respect of the entire Cibaria team. They appreciate her ability to keep product flowing out to an ever-growing circle of satisfied customers.