We are Cibaria International, Inc. are committed to offering products that are healthy and safe. Therefore, we have instituted the following programs to ensure that we maintain security and safe practices:

1. GMP Program In Place
2. SSOP Program In Place
3. HACCP Program in Place with prerequisite programs that include:

  • a. Random inspections performed by the operations manager and reviewed by the company president.
  • b. Inspections of all incoming and outgoing shipments by our quality control manager.
  • c. COA’s required on all ingredients with random verification of information.

4. Registration with the FDA
5. Registration confirmation with all suppliers
6. Development of program for prevention of Bioterrorism in Food Products which includes:

  • a. Background checks on all new employees
  • b. Shipments made by approved trucking companies and in locked vehicles.
  • c. Approval system for all new vendors
  • d. Continuing quarterly meetings of a committee to review all policies and procedures.
  • e. Security sytem including sign-in of visitors and truckers, docks and door security and motion sensitive cameras
  • f. Potable water test
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