Industries We Serve

Bulk Ingredients for Food Manufacturers

When manufacturers require top-quality oils for their recipes, we do everything
in our power to get them what they need.

Cibaria International Bulk Totes

We provide some of the finest oils and vinegars available—conventional oils, specialty oils, non-GMO project verified, Orthodox Union Kosher, and organic products—in bulk.

We offer a returnable tote program, including kosher tote wash. This ecologically sound solution prevents the need to dispose of used totes. It provides huge savings for our valued customers.

Our clients appreciate our quality products backed by certification, our on-time deliveries, and our excellent customer service.

Don’t forget to ask us about our co-packing program.

Retail Store Supply

Are you stepping away from a boring desk job for a fun,
new career as a gourmet retail shop owner?
We’re here for you!


We supply bulk and white label products for your growing enterprise—a tasting shop, booths at farmer’s markets and festivals, brokering to gourmet grocery stores and other retail outlets. We can prepack for you or send the bulk product and bottles for you to fill yourself.

We make our facility available for you to learn about our products, creating your own line of products, marketing, and best practices. We coach you and provide recipe cards, samples, pairing guides, nutrition or specification sheets.

And we can cover all your needs from the finest gourmet pantry items to bottles and caps.


You can create an exciting niche for yourself within your business community with our help!

Private/White Label

There are many alternatives for partnership in the food industry.


We will bottle our products under your own store brand.


You select the product; we supply it to your specifications and label it as yours.


You supply the product and the packaging. We bottle it to your specifications.


Whatever you choose, we advise you on best practices for our machinery, sourcing, bottle options, and design. We allow access to our facility and introduce you to our production team. We provide third-party audits plus proof of organic or kosher certification.

Small minimum requirements. Competitive prices. Extensive line of products—we even source products we don’t carry on site!

Food Services Distributors

Food service outlets rest their reputations on having the very best products at competitive prices.

food services

Whether large or small, we support them with quality products, quick turnarounds, and excellent customer service. We make available useful product documentation and proof of certification. We provide product samples for their reps.

We direct source a wide variety of products. We arrange freight and can ship to multiple locations or even warehouse their product. Glass, plastic, and PET. 24/7 online ordering via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Working with Cibaria opens the door to an extensive line of products that bring flavors from all around the world.

Ingredients for Chefs & Caterers

From sampling our fine oils and vinegars to proof of certification and third-party audits—we stand behind you with premium ingredients to enhance your recipes.


Whatever your needs, we strive to meet them with:

  • Fast turnaround
  • Impeccable customer service
  • No minimum orders
  • 24/7 online ordering

Our wide variety of internationally sourced products, our exemplary team, our flexibility—all these make us your best source for top-quality oils, vinegars, and shelf-stable items.

Ingredients for Personal Care Products

Soap and cosmetics producers add their own special touch to soaps that bubble and clean and don’t melt away in the soap dish.

Cibaria International Soap Supply

We carry a wide variety of high-quality base/fixed carrier oils and butters to help you create the best possible products, including certified organic oils and non-GMO certified oils. These are just the thing for artisanal soaps, personal care products, and pet care items. We feature 24/7 online ordering, no minimum orders from one gallon to 35 pounds with larger sizes available,  wholesale pricing, unparalleled customer service.